Hide Content Of Text File

Hide The Content Of Text File
Hello everyone,
This is a post for "Hiding some personal content in a text file "
like suppose, you have many passwords,
and are lazy to remember all >_< 
then this post will be helpful to you.
Continue reading for more info about the amaizing post ahead,

Coding Below

  @echo off
  echo Enter Password
  set/p pass=
  if "%pass%"=="anything" goto :1
  echo Wrong password
  goto :2
  notepad SomeFile.txt:SecretWordHere.txt

  At the place of "anything" enter the password you want to set.
    Once you open batch file it create SomeFile.txt.
    Then add text you want to add and press ctrl+s.
     When you want to see the contents of that file open batch file and enter correct password.