Wikipedia Searcher

Wikipedia Searcher
Hello everyone,
Want to directly search wikipedia from a batch file.
This is just a type of post for "The searching from Desktop via Batch Coding"
Continue reading for more info about the amaizing post ahead,


    @echo off
  Color 0a
  Title Wikipedia Searcher
  echo Enter your search topic:
  set /p topic=

  Through this you can find any topic on Wikipedia.
     But don't forget the file to save as .bat 
     And use underscore at the time of space.


  1. I was looking for something like this. Thank you. (i am a newbie with this stuf WANT to learn it all)

    I have changed things so it starts with 2 pages instead of opening one. Its getting there, but i want it to do some thing els. I want it to open the first 4 links (on google instead of wiki) that pop up when i search for.... Hot dogs.. (example). How do i do that then.?

  2. In that file at the place of write .
    Keep visiting..


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