Get Product Keys/Activators/Cracks of Applications With This Trick

Google is the largest web treasure of every kind of information and data. Any information can be found on google search results. But, as there are billions of indexed webpages on google, so it is quite tricky to input an efficient search query so that google exactly understands your need and show only the most relevant search results according to your need on the top. I have already discussed Amazing Google Search tricks on my previous posts, which can make your life easy.
Today, in this post I am focusing on how to efficiently search the product keys and cracks of any kind of software and games on google.

How to search the Cracks/Activators/Product keys !!

You have to just append the string 94FBR  , after the name of any application on google search box, and hit enter.
Thats it. Your job is done. Google will now only return the webpages with cracks, activators and product keys of your queried software.
 For Example: If you want to search crack for windows 8 pro.
Type: windows 8 pro 94fbr

Now you should give some time to select the best working crack for you.

What is 94FBR ?

94FBR was a part of a Microsoft Office 2000 product key. It was later on released on internet and bypassed the microsoft activation system.As it is a relatively uncommon term, when you add it to your search queries, it will generally return results of pages listing illegal serials,crack. Some of you may be knowing that the 94FBr trick is an old trick, but as it always works perfectly, so I decided to share it here.

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