How To Hide or Unhide Any Local Disk Drive In Windows Using Command Prompt

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Hiding some content from any unwanted person means you really have something sensitive data and don't want to share that with others and this can be also done by hiding your entire Disk Drive!

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The features are not very hard to apply! just following the simple commands in which you just have to select which drive at first you want to hide. Follow the below steps!
>> STEPS << 
Step1: Select which drive you want to hide and for that go to your My Computer and see the name of that drive, Example: G, the drive after selected, from the windows start menu right click on CMDand run as administrator!

Step2: Now on CMD type Diskpart and hit enter, Next popup will appear click on yes, soon the new Command prompt will be displayed from where you have to start typing and following the STEPS

Step3: Now to see all the drive connected to your computer Type List Volume you will see all of your online drives! And select which one you want to hide in here we have selected G drive to hide.

Step4: If selected G then we will have to type Select Volume 6 and hit enter! (select your number of drive and select only any one drive number which you want to hide)

Step5: After you have selected your drive to hide then type Remove Letter G because I have selected Volume 6! (After selected your drive number now select your same Drive letter)

You are done at this point of hiding the letter but now let's move to another section on how to Unhide your same drive!

How To Hide Or Unhide Any Local Disk Drive In Windows Using Command Prompt

Unhide your Same hidden drive!

Step1: Just follow all above steps and after Typing Remove Letter G in steps 5, Type Assign Letter G to unhide the same! in the next type!

comment below if you have any problem in any steps, and more important is your data will not going to harm while doing this process!