Make adobe reader read for you

Hi friends,
 Here is a nice trick for you. I found this when I was using Adobe reader. 
This trick works in Adobe Reader 10.0 or above.

Till now You used to open any PDF document in adobe reader and used to read this which needs high concentration on monitor screen. It is very often that your mind get distracted from study. Moreover, you were confined to read only. But throw away all those tensions. Today I am showing you how to convert a PDF document to an audio book.
YES! It is possible. 
Give command to adobe reader to speak or read the page and it will read the same for you in English. Meanwhile, you can do other work also while listening and hence studying with a pdf document.

Here is the way:
  •          Open any pdf file that is in English.
  •      Go to view.
  •          Select Read out louder.
  •         Click “Activate Read out Loud”.
    Now reader is activated.

       Again Go to: View> Read out louder > Read this page only or Read whole page.

 To stop reading, Click: view> read out louder > Stop.