Right Click Options Takes Time To Load

Has this ever happened  to you that when you right click on desktop or anywhere else and it takes around 20 to 30 seconds to load the contents?

well, if you're bored of it, then try this simple trick

Here is the solution

Step 1: Download Shexview from below link

Step 2: Unzip the contents and run shexview.exe

Step 3: Go to options and select Filter by extension type
            It looks like below image

Then choose context menu see the image below

After that you see some entries with pink color

Step 4: Select all pink entries and press red button then select restart explorer

Step 5: Right click on desktop and see problem is resolved or not 99% chance that problem is fixed

Step 6: Again start shexview.exe and select required extension and press green button.

For any Queries please comment below. Thank you.